I-95 in Denver, CO.

Update – 8:41 (MDT) / 10:41 (EDT) – Protests are intensifying across the U.S. Tear gas in Denver:

Tear Gas in Denver

Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia’s truck and CSP cruiser vandalized. Colorado State Capitol graffitied.

5 replies on “Breaking: Protesters Block I-25, Denver’s Busiest Interstate, As Protests Intensify Across U.S.”

  1. what justice do they want ? they want this **** to stop. people shouldn’t have to fear going outside cause of their skin color, they want the things that happened to ahmad aubrey, george floyd and countless to stop, and if this is what it take then this is what has to happen.

  2. Good.
    Something’s gotta give. We can’t go on like this. Protests are necessary.

  3. Remove these brainwashed anti white racists off of the highway. A good air strike would be in order.

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