From the onset, the goal has been to flatten the curve. Red states EXCELLED at flattening the curve. The blue states averaged a curve TWICE as steep. In the next section, you’ll see the literal flattening of the curve.


Now let’s look at the total deaths in each state since the crisis began. Here we will look at total deaths per 1,000,000 people. This gives us equal comparison of the death rate. The Coronavirus Is deadliest where democrats govern.

Let’s compare each state’s per capita value to the per capita values across the entire country. Can you identify which states are responsible for most Coronavirus deaths?

Covid Tracking Project.

The devastation of Coronavirus has been disproportionately felt in blue America. Death from the scourge is four times higher in congressional districts represented by a Democrat.

Some commentators claim that red states may not catching all deaths. The cable TV commentator said red states are not testing enough. So, they would not be able to identify all Coronavirus victims. Thus, their number of dead and death rates would be lower.

We can compare deaths from all causes against the historical normal. An increase in deaths, against their historical average, would be suspect. We would need to investigate further.

Below is a graph of all the states graphed against their historic norm. The same states identified before are responsible for the vast majority of deaths. The Coronavirus is deadliest where democrats govern.


Below is a statistical visualization of how far a normal person moves in each county.

Results show a large drop in movement at the beginning of March. Now, however, many states are getting back to normal.

Learn more about this visualization. The data is gathered by analyzing anonymized and aggregated cell phone location data.

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