Now This Is A Rally! #Trump2020More energy than 2016!

CLEARWATER, FL — “It’ll be nice to be in the open air, sunshine, maintain distance and support what we believe is the proper presidential choice,” Cliff Gehart, one of the organizers.

Preliminary Data: The Trump Boat Parade Shattered the Previous World Record! Stay tuned for the confirmed final number. Update 8/16.
Reminder: there has NEVER been a boat parade for Joe Biden!

More than 1,181 Trump supporters were expected Saturday morning, the organizing website states. That would break the Guinness World Record for largest boat parade, which was 1,180 in Malaysia on Sept. 13, 2014.

The official boat count took place at the Welch Causeway Bridge in Madiera Beach in Florida. No official count has been announced.

It was an incredible experience to be with so many patriots today in Clearwater, Florida! I had no idea there were so many Trump supporters! The line was miles long!

Confirmed: Shattered the Previous World Record

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    1. “Keep America Great” means “Keep ‘In God We Trust’, Republican and President Trump Going On”

    2. And how does this help the Pandemic? Wonder why Florida is a hot spot? These folks obviously don’t care. People are dying and these people are boating. People are going hungry because they’ve lost their jobs and people are spending money on gasing up their boats. These people will vote for Trump because they are followers and have no idea what true leadership is all about.

      1. Remind yourself it’s a protest. That should de-trigger your triggered state. It’s a protest against the failed Liberal policies.

      2. When in in your life have you ever seen a boat parade or rally that has garnered this much attention and participation. There is a real silent majority that can not be ignored.

    3. We are Americans….always defining liberal and conservative!!!! When we are Americans first! Trump is not God..z it even close… if he were a saint, a king, a Pope …. I could not like him. He is divisive, mean, I’ll spoken, a spoiled brat …. to the detriment of the rest of his family. He did to his father what he is doing to America!!! Too bad! But God knows !!

      1. Andri, Trump is a bodhisattva. If he was just like all the others who ran this country into a death spiral on both sides over the past 50 years , do you think he would have such great support? We the awake can see and feel the difference . This is real change we can all believe in.

      2. Florida is a big state surrounded by Sea. It deserves the Record. Nobody can beat Florida.

    4. Nice come back Jackie but it is nice to see the boater contributing to the economy by buying boats, boat equipment, electronics, registration fees which helps the economy instead of burning down buildings and looting!

    5. Y’all gonna need more than that , thats probably the 45% of y’all that support this fishlip clown

    6. Hey Jay, looks like your the clown why dont you go sit with Pelosi and her $20,000 freezers and $10.00 a pint icecream. You think she’s for the people, wake up.

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