Don Lemon Worries Riots Hurting Biden

WATCH: Don Lemon admits that Joe Biden is too weak to stand up to the rioters and looters. “I think Democrats are ignoring this problem or hoping that it will go away… Joe Biden may be afraid to do it…He’s got to address it. He’s got to come out and talk about it.”

Trump’s RNC wrap up put the ‘fear of God’ into the Democrats

Joe Biden is Weak
Sky News host Chris Kenny says US President Donald Trump’s wrap up at the Republican National Convention would have put the fear of God into the Democratic Party. “The ugliness of the responses to the President demonstrate his effectiveness. They increase his chances of constructing an underdog victory.”

Dem Senator Worries The ‘Peaceful Protest’ Lie is Dangerous

WATCH: Powerful Democrat in TN Senate Shames His Party: “Anyone With Any Common Sense Knows What We See Is Not Peaceful”

Advisors Starting To Worry About Biden Staying in His Basement

Liberal Media Worries As Polls Show Biden Is Underperforming Clinton This Time 4-Years Ago

Dems Worried Violence in Kenosha Hit a Tipping Point for Suburban Voters

Democrats are worried Joe Biden isn’t doing more to counterprogram the GOP convention.

Liberal Media Is Worried Party Leadership (Aside From Biden) Isn’t Doing Enough

Dems Worried They Might Have To Start Condemning The Looting or Risk Helping Trump

Liberal Media Is Afraid You’ll See This Video by Kim Klacik (Some Networks Cut Away From Her RNC Speech — So We Posted Both Videos Below)

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