VIDEO: Comparing Biden’s 2008 DNC speech vs the 2020 DNC speech.

Same clichés, promises and buzzwords. He didn’t keep the promises of the 2008 speech, he won’t keep promises in the 2020 speech.

Additional Details:

After video was published, Twitter users pounced. They demanded the video be reported for ‘manipulated media.’

But, both 2008 and 2020 are sped up at the same rate to meet Twitter’s time limit. If he seem slower in 2020, it’s because he is.

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  1. Great! Biden beat the media’s expectations by reciting a speech he’s been giving for half a century.

  2. Why didn’t the press and certain RINOs fawn over his speech in 2008? Just goes to show the media and RINOs are liars.

  3. Biden did great in both speeches. It shows he has a core. He believes in what he says. He’s consistent in his values. Knowing the speeches are so similar makes me want to vote for him more. #consistency

    1. Missy,

      You miss the point.

      1) he plagiarized himself – in college, if I turned in a paper I did for another class, I’d get in trouble.

      2) turnkey – much has change since 2008. It’s insulting that he thinks he can just recycle old buzzwords and amaze everyone. He did this with the blacks when he said if you don’t vote for him you are not black. He thinks of you not as an individual with potential, but just another cog in the mass society. But it’s actually even worse. He expects you to like it and obey.

      3) promises broken – did it occur that in 2008 he was making promises of what he would do? He failed at every one.

  4. Sal,

    You self plagiarism refers to students dear. A man who repeats his own speeches, if applicable, is more electable than a “man” who likes to -grab ‘em by the p#%%¥-.

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