MYRON LIZER delivered one of the most effective speeches at the GOP Convention. Early polling suggests his message resonated across all political spectrums, especially Independent voters. “He’s direct and to the point. He communicated clearly how the Trump administration helped the Navajo Nation in relatable terms–proof you do not need a long speech to be effective.” Several other media commentators took note, including Forbes reporter Andrew Solender.

Myron Lizer is not alone. There are many Navajos for Trump. But it appears the Biden campaign assumes all Navajos must be for Biden.


Lizer’s universally praised speech enraged Biden for President, the official organization helping to elect Joe Biden. In fact, Biden for President issued a prompt press release characterizing the speech as a disgraceful insult to the entire Navajo Nation.

“No speech can change the fact that Donald Trump has horribly failed the Navajo Nation and our tribal communities. Last night’s speech was a disgraceful insult to Navajo Nation”

– Biden for President Press Release

First, it is not a wise move for the Biden camp to assert the VP of the Navajo Nation is insulting his nation.

Second, there are many Navajos that support Trump. The Navajo Times confirmed this obvious fact:

There is no doubt Navajo Republicans exist. They comment on the Times’ Facebook page. We know some personally.

Navajo Times

Biden for President does not speak for the entire Navajo Nation. There are many examples of Navajos for Trump. There are also many examples of the Trump surrogates working with members of the Navajo Nation in appreciation. Here are a few examples to document that the Navajo Nation includes many Trump supporters–and in turn–has several Trump surrogates willing to work with the Navajo Nation.

Donald Trump Jr. Heartfelt Appreciation for the Code Talkers

Navajo Elder Praises Trump’s National Monument Decision

This is my prayer, from the four directions – from the east, from the south, from the west, from the north, through the holy people. I thank you for the Bears Ears being given back to us. I’m thankful for our Heavenly Father, our creator, from all four directions, to give Shash Jaa back to us. Bless the people that make it possible and bless our president, bless the people of San Juan County to be happy, to continue generation after generation. I thank you for giving us the land back to be able to use it equally into the future, on this yellow and white corn-pollen road.

Religious Outreach

Love of God, Country, Life & Freedom

Watch the Speech

Lizer is a Baptist and serves as the president of the school board for the Rehoboth Christian School.

First Nations Prayers Are Powerful

An Invitation to Trump

Arizona is an important swing state, with Donald Trump holding a slim lead.

We found some amazing views of ‘Navajoland’ — after watching these videos, accepting Lizer’s invitation is a no-brainer:

They say Monument Valley is where the sky meets the earth…

Imagine a place that’s pitch dark. No lights for miles. That is Navajoland when there are clouds at night.

But on a clear night, it’s almost spiritual, to see the night sky as the ancients saw them. The crisp, unfiltered view of the stars. If you have a guide, they will tell you the history of the Navajo. How they came to occupy the ancient cave sites shortly after a great flood.

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  1. Truly awesome as I thought my Navajo people all loved & voted democrat. I AM A NAVAJO TRUMPSTER NIZHONI HEY!!!!

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