A subsection of the crowd marches toward the Marriott hotel in downtown Portland, Ore., July 25, 2020. Portland has sustained protests against police brutality and systemic racism for 58 days.

#BidenRiots Watch Video:

Rioters march chanting ‘Death to America’

Police being pelted with rocks and water bottles in skirmishes with protesters during social justice march

Oakland Riots

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  1. How ungrateful. Should be thankful they are in America, not Iran. They wouldn’t be in Iran shouting “death to Iran”

  2. Paid provocateurs and he||raisers. Why isn’t Bill Barr and our lovely ADMIN finding out “who” is financing all this mayhem and locking them up???

  3. Can we invite these “death to America” people to emigrate now?

  4. Shame on them…they should be sent to Iran where you cannot have a right if you are a non-Muslim or if you are a woman. These people have everything in this country and they take it for granted…so ungrateful!

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