Thousands on social media are calling this the most disturbing video of the 2020 elections. Resurfaced video clips show Joe Biden next to his wife, Jill Biden, speaking to U.S. Cadets. Biden calls the group ‘stupid bastards’ when they did not clap, after he listed two decisions he made that support his ‘incredibly good judgement’ claim. Read Transcript:

The Biden Campaign’s Andrew Bates said Biden was joking when he called the group ‘stupid bastards.’ But Biden continued well beyond humor when he called the servicemen and servicewomen ‘slow’ and ‘a dull bunch.’ We asked the Biden campaign how calling any group “Stupid Bastards,” “Slow” & “A Dull Bunch” — in the same paragraph — is a joke. Where is the punchline? No response.

The video is said to have been shot in March 2016 at a Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony in Southwest Asia, according to the video description on YouTube. The date on the upload is Jan 12, 2017, and there are multiple angles, all uploaded around the same time, from different users. These are not doctored videos. (Archived here and here in the case of deletion from social media).

“A real class act”

Multiple individuals uploaded different views of this event. These individuals specifically called out Biden’s remarks and expressed disapproval. One uploaded sarcastically called Biden’s comments ‘a real class act.’ The uploaders are likely Cadet Airmen, present at the event. Out of anyone, they have the full context of the situation. They were not pleased.

So when the mainstream media says, ‘it was a joke.’ Who do you trust? Someone at the event? Or a reporter that wasn’t present when these comments were made in full context?

You decide.

did trump call military names?

The video emerges two weeks after four anonymous sources, with no evidence, said Trump called soldiers “losers” and “suckers.” These anonymous claims have been refuted by 21-people on the record, including every single person that was in the room when the “losers” and “suckers” comment was suppose to have been made. In addition, an actual paper trail of evidence also conflicts with the narrative, as told by the four anonymous sources.

Two weeks ago Biden was angered and disgusted by the anonymous and unsubstantiated reports that Trump insulted U.S. troops. Biden went so far as to say Trump is not fit to be commander and chief. Now, Biden will have to answer for a video that shows him doing just that — insulting U.S. troops. (Or lie about it).

biden lies on the debate stage

Biden denies saying stupid bastards on the debate stage.

Here is the full context. the “stupid bastards” comment starts at 1:50:

“Clap for that, you stupid bastards. Come on, man. Man, you are a dull bunch. Must be slow here, man. I don’t know.”

– YouTube Video Description

Another Angle:

Servicemen and servicewomen from all over social media chimed in

“A real class act”

“You can tell these comments didn’t go well. Just look at the Airman to the left of Jill Biden, after the comments.”

“No one laughed . It wasn’t a joke. Talk about cringe.”

“In the military it’s common to talk amongst friends like this. But, the keyword is friends.”

Experts: “He Loses Patience When Crowds or People Don’t Respond to his liking

Experts say Biden did not say ‘stupid bastards’ in jest. He became agitated when people didn’t clap on queue. Everyone’s that ever given multiple speeches has been there: You say something and expect a laugh or applause — but nothing happens. It’s awkward.

Political talking heads, who have been following Joe Biden, said he has a history of lashing out at crowds or people. We did the research and found so many examples. Here are just some of the times he’s responded in indignation:

1 Joe Biden calls student a ‘lying dog-faced pony soldier.’ She leaves in tears 😢 His campaign insists it was a ‘joke’ like his stupid bastard comment

2 Biden Snaps at Cognitive Test Question: ‘Are You a Junkie 😵 ?’

3 Biden Hurls Profanity 🤬 at a Detroit Auto Worker

4 Biden gets agitated, presses a voter’s chest, pokes him and grabs his jacket 🤕

5 Joe Biden Calls Voter FAT 😲 Biden Mocks Voter: ‘I’m Not Sedentary‘ 🛋️ Challenges Voter To Push Ups 💪 Calls Voter Too Old to Vote for Him 👴 (YES ALL THIS HAPPENED)

So you see, his ‘jokes’ are not considered jokes by the people he snapped at ‘in jest.’

Thanks in advance for sharing!

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  1. Joe on a more regular basis, routinely opens mouth and inserts foot, not Presidential.

  2. The fact checkers say this was taken out of context. It is a joke. If Trump said this, he would be given a pass.

    1. Your ‘fact checkers’ are full of s***. Just more propagandists for the Marxist Democrat party. Give me a f**** break.

    2. Ummmm…excuse me? How, how on Earth, is calling servicemen and servicewomen “stupid bastards” a joke?

  3. The media: We provided wall to wall coverage and commentary when four anonymous sources claimed, without evidence, that Trump called servicemen/servicewomen losers. When Biden calls servicemen and servicewomen, and there is video evidence, we will ignore.


  4. Wow! They really ARE guilty of everything they accuse Trump of.

  5. media will only cover this if trump said it.

  6. did biden call the military stupid bastards? i don’t know about the entire military, but this wasn’t a joke like the biden camp says. no one is laughing.

  7. Congressmen and women DO NOT appoint cadets to U.S. Military Academies. They make recommendation letters. (Except the Coast Guard, not required). Also I resent his wife going by Dr. Yes, a PhD is allowed to be called Dr but IMHO I think in her case it is misleading. Most people believe she is a medical doctor, which she is not.

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