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Jeanine Pirro Destroys the Lie Peddled by the Atlantic against our President, 9/5/20. Judge Jeanine Pirro rips a new one into “The Atlantic” (a tabloid class magazine posing as journalism) and it’s editor Jeffrey Goldberg for their obviously bogus FAKE NEWS piece aimed at President Donald Trump. She follows her scathing show opening with an interview with National Press Secretary for the President, Hogan Gidley, who sets the record straight in no uncertain terms.

BREAKING: Now everyone that was in the room is on record denying the Atlantic story. Remember, the press got weapons of mass destruction all wrong. How? They all recklessly cite each other’s false claims, to portray a false narrative as truth. Then they say everyone else is reporting the story as their main proof for the story being true. But no one cares to identify and scrutinize the original source.

In this case, the original sources are ‘four anonymous sources’ that were not in the room. We know they were not in the room because everyone that was in the room are now on record with their actual real name and categorically denied the Atlantic. Also, these four anonymous sources already got the reason of the cancelation of the visit wrong – since every single person involved is on record saying it was weather related and there is also a paper trail connected to the latter reason.

The media is the virus.

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  1. Everyone with ears heard Trump disparage McCain. Everyone with eyes saw Trump disparage a Gold Star family. Of course he maligned the troops.

    1. @hi_smith – 1) okay link to the audio/video of Trump disparaging McCain for just being a service member. you said we can hear it. For we know they were political enemies after McCain leaked the now fully discredited steele dossier. and mccain did lose to obama.

      2) link the video of him disparaging a gold star family. you said we can see it.

    2. Smith- That’s a logical fallacy even if your first two premises were true. Affirming the consequent – the antecedent in an indicative conditional is claimed to be true because the consequent is true; if A, then B; B, therefore A.

      Come back when you are ready to have a logical discussion!

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