Mama said, “There are those who talk about it, and those who do something about it.” I think we know who’s who in this video.

They ask Kim to come on ‘The View’ the view to talk about her campaign. However, the ‘View’ ladies only asked her about ‘Trump.’ She wanted to talk about specific actions she wants to implement in Baltimore. Kim finally lets them know that nothing Trump has done is racist, and it is actually the opposite of racists. She begins to list Trump’s accomplishments.

Joy Behar cuts in and demands Kim answer for Trump’s COVID response. They can’t debate her, so they taunt. They never let her talk about her plan for Baltimore. But, Kim wiped the floor with them. Sunny is literally left spinning.

It’s the classic liberal “shout over you” so you can’t respond reaction. Followed by the childish “Wowww” response by Sunny Hostin as she spun around in her chair like a 4 year old. “Very immature.”

Watch the list of Trump accomplishments that got the ladies on ‘The View’ all spun up:

Kim chats about her recent experience on ‘The View.’ She talks about why she pushed back and explains why actions are better than words.

Many on the Twitter community expressed how immature the ladies of ‘The View’ responded.

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