Several independent sources of data show Netflix cancellations are surging after the ‘Cuties’ controversy. Cancellations are actually picking up significantly this weekend, according to Google search data. Polls say Netflix crossed the line.

YipitData: 800% Increase in Cancellations

Data analytics firm YipitData told Yahoo Finance that Netflix’s U.S. churn “rose materially” last weekend in the wake of the controversy. As of Saturday, disconnects were running at nearly 8x the daily levels observed in August — a multi-year high, YipitData added.

1000% Increase in Google Searches for “Cancel Netflix”

Another source of cancelation data is Google searches for how to cancel Netflix. Searches on Google for “cancel netflix” are running about 10x their normal search volume. ‘Cancel netflix’ related search terms are hitting all time highs. See live search data. There seems to be no end in sight. As people learn about the controversy, many just want to cancel, driving the increasing ‘cancel netflix’ searches.

Antenna: 500% Increase in Cancellations

Subscription analytics company Antenna says it saw 5x the number of cancellations of Netflix in the past five days compared to the previous 30 days.

Google Play & Apple Store Downloads Collapse

SimilarWeb saw the ranking of Netflix fall on the Google Play App Store from the 16th most download app to the 31st most downloaded app. On the Apple Store, Netflix popularity fell from the 11th most downloaded app to the 25th most downloaded app.

Bipartisan Blowback

“Cuties” has faced bipartisan blowback, with high profile politicians like Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard — who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination — hammering the film for over-sexualizing young girls. In recent days, the hashtag #CancelNetflix has been a big social media trending topic.

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my home is a sacred place. i just don’t want that available at any time in my home. THAT’S WHY I CANCELLED. WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO PRODUCE NEXT?


Netflix Stock is Down About $100.00 Since September 1st

Netflix hit a 52-wk high of $575.37 on September 1st, 2020. It is now trading at 469.96 on September 20th, down over $100 as Netflix encounters material cancellations over ‘Cuties.’

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  1. Everyone that’s seen the film is saying it is worse than you can imagine. They are sick to their stomach and cancel netflix right after. It’s just awful you’re forced to have it in your library. CANCEL!

  2. I started watching it and was sick-absolutely sick. There is no way I’m letting this in my home. I should have known it was that bad when I saw it had something like 2 million dislikes on youtube. CANCELLED.

    1. wow! you’re right the trailer on youtube has 2 million DISLIKES.

  3. I canceled with their support of Marxism/Communism in BLM. “Cuties” simply proves my instincts right about their moral compass.

  4. I wasn’t going to cancel. Then I saw my friends with strong families had cancelled. I realized what we feed our families is not just food. We’ve come closer as a family turning this off and playing board games or other activities.

  5. It’s very cringy. Its tragic. I have to take a stand somewhere. Small sacrifice in the broader picture of an eternity of making decisions and choices. I’m not perfect. Made a lot of bad decisions in my life. But even I see the right choice here. Cancelled.

  6. My brother recently watched about 30 minutes of Cuties. I will not watch it myself but wanted to see if it was really “that bad” he comes out of his room 30 minutes just red with anger. Mind you, my brother is a big guy…says that was so beep’n disgusting. If this is the way Hollywood wants to exploit little girls, I hope China or whoever bombs us hits that place first. Mind you he is in his feeling’s, looking at my daughter’s on the couch. Shaking his head, said now I feel like beating the ass of whoever came up with this s**t. I’ve heard what it’s about, I won’t watch it, it’s that bad huh? 🤮🤮🤮

  7. I analyzed whether this film violates the child exploitation statute in my home state, and it is questionable. I would not be shocked if some DA, somewhere in the United States, decides to charge the Netflix executives responsible for distributing this movie. This has to be one of the most catastrophically stupid mistakes made by a major U.S. corporate executive team in history. How their legal team ever let this film see the light of day is beyond me.

  8. There’s a decent argument this movie violates the child exploitation statute in my home state. It’s that bad. How Netflix executives could have made such a catastrophically foolish decision is just mind-blowing. Their legal team, above all, has some serious explaining to do to Netflix shareholders.

  9. I just cancelled Netflix. Not necessarily because of this specific programming. However, this specific programming got me thinking about what we watch. Netflix had a program called 13 reasons glorifying suicide. It seems like they have an agenda to push/blur the lines of morality. There are other programs which are questionable. Never know what they will do next. They are just not a trusted source. So, bye bye.

  10. Tulsi Gabbard is right. We spend millions fighting trafficking. Programming like this will increase it. I don’t want to be complicit with Netflix. #CANCELLED

  11. I read the comments and thought to myself: “These people overreacting!”

    I watched a bit of it and was absolutely sick to my stomach. I’m dazed and lost. I feel as if I don’t know my own world, that this is loaded into my home. I feel like reality got the rug pulled out from under it. They crossed the line. NO child actress should act out some of the storylines.

    What have we become as a nation to permit this? How? This is the first time thinking this in my life, but maybe all these disasters this year is God’s judgement.

    We can do better.

    If we can’t take a stand here… then when? It will be too late by then.

  12. What frightens me is pedophilia is ok with Hollywood. California just signed:

    — California will no longer require young adults to register as sex offenders for having anal or oral sex with a minor, eliminating a disparity in the state’s statutory rape laws that critics said unfairly targeted gay people.

    Gov. Gavin Newsom signed SB145 without comment on Friday, giving judges discretion over sex-offender registration in cases involving a teenager ages 14 to 17 and an adult who is less than 10 years older. It takes effect on Jan. 1.

    This is sickening and straight up pedophilia Your vote matters please vote these monsters out of office!! Kids should be kids!!!

  13. What kind of “parent” would allow their child to be involved in this trash??

  14. I’m holding out but they better remove it pretty quick or I’m done.

  15. Why is Netflix fighting this? Why not just remove the film from Netflix therefore eliminating the need for people to cancel. Netflix should make a very public apology and inform the public of the removal of Cuties film. This is such an easy fix what is stopping them?

  16. The film sexualizing little girls is dangerous, disgusting and jeopardizes the innocence, safety and securit of girls, tweens and teens. It’s bad enough that too many men hink nothing of dating, marrying or at the very least having sex with women 20 to 30 years yunger than themslves. Now the film adds little kids- girls to their options and Netflixexpects us to support THIS? So glad I canceled my subscription last year.

  17. This is a way if getting people use to the idea pedophilia is okay . Normal . Just what some people prefer . Because everything that is morally wrong is now right . And if you don”t agree with them . They will try and cancel you . Not without one hell’va fight . We are the majority ! Netflix is evil and should be slapped with child pornography charges . Don’t get me started on the girls parents and what should happen to them !

  18. Very good point on the parents. Cant they be charged for cjild endangerment??

  19. I cancelled netflick a this will never be acceptable.cuties is for pedophilia Netflicks having it and not taking down after several complaints and cancelation makes you question there morals there values and if they themselves our part of pedophilia the parents or those children should be investigated by cps at what length will they go for money how else will they harm there children for money some thing americans will never be ok with government should file suit against Netflicks it’s is a sad day that this has to even be said #save our children

  20. I have not seen it but I watched Youtuber’s ThatStarWarsGirl play by play discussion of the movie and that was enough for me not to see it to find out.

    She does not show any of the film but rather tells you what they are doing and elaborates on how truly bad it is.

    At one point one of the 11 year old girls sexts a picture of her hoohaw to some adult in the film. She said in some cases the children’s dancers were normal that your kid might do but the decided to display it with close ups of their body parts that made doing the hokey pokey x rated and for no logical reason in the film.

    I am thinking those old guys walking the streets with signs saying the end times are among us may have been right just hearing about this.

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