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This is devastating news for the Biden Campaign. Typically, Democrats needs to run up Miami-Dade votes to compete against the broader state.

Biden’s lead over Trump in Miami-Dade is 17 points. For perspective, Hillary Clinton had a 30-point lead in Miami-Dade and still lost the state.

“If you’re the Biden campaign, looking at these numbers, I think there’s reason for pause,” said Fernand Amandi, the Miami-based pollster and Democratic strategist behind the poll. “If Biden under-performs in what should be one of his strongest counties — and is certainly the largest county for Democratic votes in the state of Florida — it might imperil his chances of winning Florida unless there is a massive white voter exodus from Trump in other parts of the state.”


In Florida, “Miami Cuban escapees warning Americans about communism and socialism”

Respect for Biden, But With All Things Considered, Trump Better Prepared

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  1. It’s not about socialism, it’s solely about OOOOPEN BORDERS and troubled thugs pouring into all our neighborhoods

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