TAMPA, FL — Joe Biden launched what his campaign is calling the ‘invisible campaign‘ last week in Michigan. This could be why he’s waving at no one as he deplanes in Tampa. Or he’s waving at the ghost voters he’ll likely use for ballot harvesting. The most likely explanation is that his handlers reminded him to wave, but he lacked the cognitive ability to assess the ground situation.

Either way, this video is hysterical because of the woman laughing and giving the play by play analysis . It’s absolute PERFECTION. I’m rolling on the floor laughing!


As the video spread across social media, an unnamed and anonymous reporter for fake AP news says biden was waving at people outside the frame of the video. You’ve seen the video. Decide for yourself.

  • Why won’t the AP report the name of this reporter? It is so easy for them to put a person on the record. They demand it from others, to be on the record for better reporting.
  • You decide

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