WATCH: Crowd Stuns Trump With Fervent “We Love You” Chant At Rallies in NC & MI

Trump appears to be caught off guard as the crowd chants “We Love You!” He appears humbled and sincerely appreciative of the gesture. This could be one of the best rally moment ever.

Watch: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Amazing “We Love You” Trump Chant Breaks Out At President’s Rally

In Freeland, Michigan, the president was visibly moved when another impromptu “we love you” chant broke out.

Trump said, “Thank you. Don’t say that I’ll start to cry and that wouldn’t be good for my image. That wouldn’t be good for my image. You don’t want to see me cry! I’ll start to cry… this happened the other day”.

Watch: Freeland, Michigan

Yet Another Amazing “We Love You” Trump Chant Breaks Out At President’s Rally

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  1. So wonderful to hear that crowd!!! He needs some support from his country!! Through all this hatred spread against him…..he never gave up on us. Trump 2020!!! God bless you Mr. PRESIDENT!

  2. That was great to hear the crowd say “We love you” to the President. He needs to hear that to help keep him going amid all the unbelievable, vicious, vile hatred thrown at him from the left.

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