Hollywood, CA – During a Black Lives Matter protest, some protesters attempt to block a truck from passing. You can see BLM protesters trying to open the doors. The Trucks speeds off, hitting a protester. A group takes off in pursuit.

You can view ALL live feeds from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. here.

Rioters block traffic and try to pry open doors of Truck. The truck drives off.


Second view:


Someone does appear to be injured:


Additional view:

Top view:

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Comments to: BLM Tries to Block Truck ➔ Pry Open Truck Doors ➔ Truck Drives Through, Hitting Someone — Los Angeles
  • Sep 25

    That was SWEET

  • Sep 25

    “Protesters in Los Angeles are caught on camera hitting a truck moments before it accelerates and hits a protester.”

    same-same Charlottesville

  • Sep 26

    Stay out of the road, you stupid brats.


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