After Joe Biden got caught being dishonest in the debates about opposing fracking, the search phrase ‘change my vote’ started trending on Google.
Watch the exchange:

Data from Google Trends:

The search phrase hit peak searches right after the debates–hitting the MAX limit of the Google search trends chart–and continued strong into the next day:

Searches for “change my vote” hit max levels on Google Trends.

The search phrase started trending in states dependent on fossil fuels for their economy: PA, FL, NC, MI, GA, TX, WI, OR, AZ, MN. But the phrase started trending in other states as well.

Joe Biden doesn’t realize that oil is not just for energy. There are more than 6,000 petroleum-based products and you can’t replace any of them with renewable energy sources. It would devastate more than just the oil and gas industries. Top economists say his plan would throw the United States into a deep depression because oil based products are used in almost everything. We would also be dependent on other countries for the 6,000 petroleum-based products. And prices for those products would skyrocket.

States where ‘change my vote’ is trending. View on Google.

Joe Biden Shocks the Moderator About His Plan to Close Down Oil Industry

After Biden says ‘yes’ to Trump’s question if he would close down the oil industry, the moderator was left confused. She tepidly asks Biden, “Uh, Why Would You Do That?”
Here is the FULL CONTEXT of the exchange so you hear both sides and can decide for yourself:

“Uh, Why Would You Do That?”

Trump’s Energy Plan

Trump does not want to close the oil industry. But he does want clean air and water. So, in order to cut greenhouse emissions and other pollutants, Trump’s plan emphasizes the use of technologies that can be applied at scale to improve refinement processes for cleaner output. It seems to be working. CO2 emissions are at a 67-year low and the US leads the world in cutting emissions.

It’s your choice: Destroy the economy or trust America’s brilliant minds to develop new technologies to make oil cleaner and manageable for our future needs–both for the industry and the environment.

How to Change Your Vote

Among the states that do allow voters to change their early ballot after it’s been cast are: Wisconsin; Minnesota; Michigan; Pennsylvania; New York; Connecticut; and Mississippi.


Wisconsin voters who voted early in person can recast their ballot as long as they do so by Saturday, October 31st. The deadline for absentee varies by city. Contact your city clerk for more information.


Minnesota also allows absentee voters to change their minds. The deadline is a week before the election.


In Michigan, absentee voters can change their ballots if they have not yet been processed and tabulated, according to an official at the state’s Bureau of Elections.

If you want to change your absentee vote, contact the office of your city’s clerk’s office. The best chance to change your vote is as soon as possible before 4 p.m. Monday, the day before the election.


Pennsylvania; New York; Connecticut; and Mississippi: Contact your city clerk to change your vote.

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  1. Question? Why does it take something like this for people to open their eyes to these democrats candidates? These people are socialist and corrupt and they hate America. They want to abolish religious freedom, abort babies, destroy our 2nd amendment, defund the police and empower criminals. Change your vote if you can. Vote straight Republican.

  2. Biden is the criminal career politician that we all know he is.
    Isn’t what he said in the video bad enough without this website insulting the reader by exaqgerating?
    The moderator did not say “Uh” before replying to Biden…
    Shite like that does not help anyone, it makes us look like idiots who only frequent hyperbolic right wing websites.
    It’s bad enough that we on the right are thought of as uneducated boobs.
    Knock it off, the story stands on it’s own as being bad enough without that silliness.

  3. Keep watching this as the laptop from hell continues to drop. Already interesting insights. It’s even higher today. Make sure and change the “period” filter.

  4. For some reason I don’t believe you can truly change your vote. I think in some of these places they probably tell you .. yes your changing it but it’s not. Maybe I’m wrong. I dunno.

  5. If your state does not allow you to change your vote, go vote in person. By voting twice, it should disqualify your mail in vote for Biden. Biden will destroy America in order to please the far left socialists.

  6. LOL, 100 searches. I’m sure Biden is really worried. As if 100 Republicans couldn’t get together and do a search just so this rag could write an article about it.

    1. Google doesn’t reveal the number of searches. It’s indexed on a scale of 1-100. It hit 100. Since the average trending indexed number is 3, the day it started strongly trending was 33% the normal trend. Your reply shows how low information you are. Google explains on their site the index. No wonder you are voting for Biden. He did say today something to the effect he didn’t like smart guys. Maybe he meant it in a literal sense. Go, and blindly follow your leader in ignorance.

      1. Before you call people idiots you should probably know that this story is either BS or like he said the amount is insignificant ! How do we know?
        Anytime something is really trending on Goggle it pops up as a suggestion long before one has it typed out. A friend sent me here for a laugh, and goggle gave me all kind of suggestions as I typed the phrase “how do I change my …..
        It never came up, even though many other obscure suggestions did…Total BS LOL>

        1. Because I have access to Google Ad tools and can see actual numbers. It’s not insignificant. Far from it. Have a nice day.

    2. Ultramoderate, please stop with the fake interpretation of what 100 means. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term. A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular.

    3. I didnt even read the the explanation for the search index and am smart enough to know its a scale and doesnt represent the number of searches, probably because I have more than 2 brain cells. It must be hard being that dumb, you probably thought that Trump meant literal coyotes when he made those comments in the debate just like all the other brain dead Biden voters.

  7. Oh good lord – yes, I’m familiar with autocomplete. There are several reasons it may not appear. First, showing up on autocomplete takes some time. Google has to determine programmatically if an autocomplete recommendation is a good fit. Meaning, it correctly guesses user intent based on a sub-string of words. It’s only shown to a limited number of people at first until conclusive data can be reached. Since it is a recently tending term, it may be in that state. The 2nd reason is also likely to influence this situation. Google does not make recommendations to certain classes of searched. For example if you do a name, +identifying information there will not be autocomplete. Due to them not wanting to bias search results by providing information related to voting, certain voting queries might be ineligible. I don’t know the specifics of this situation. I’m sure google has a help file that would list more situations in which a search term would not trigger autocomplete. But, just because it’s not appearing doesn’t mean the search term isn’t happening. There are many other reasons.

    1. So there are some nuances. A keyword is not a search term. A keyword is a grouping of search terms triggered from a set keyword. For example, KW ‘toy’ would include search terms ‘toy boat’, toy car, etc. different keywords can trigger the same search term so it’s somewhat messy data. 2) the data in the kw planner is delayed. Not real time. You will not see last weeks numbers until someone in November.

      Larger advertisers have access to search term data and the terms’ attributes such as number of times a search query was made.

      They can import direct from Google into a google cloud service called big query (database query not search query). Then analyze.

      I can tell you enough people have searched to change their vote, that if 10% actually change their vote it would be enough to flip some states based on last years results.

      We have an NDA and cannot reveal search term data explicitly. Obviously this is guarded data.

      Have a nice day. But it is great that you are getting closer to the level of analysis we do.

  8. Lmaoo silly. It’s not 100 votes it’s on a scale from 1-100..

  9. I hope you all switch to electric cars as gasoline will not be an option. Try to figure that into your budget.

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