In this video, Joe Biden is explaining why he wrote a law that treated crack cocaine as significantly worse than powder cocaine. Biden’s law ended up disproportionately imprisoning African Americans for decades. He says someone doing crack was fundamentally different than someone sniffing cocaine ‘in a neighborhood as beautiful as this’ — suggesting that white ‘beautiful’ suburban neighborhoods do not deserve the same publishment as neighborhoods in the inner city.


Biden: Remember the crack epidemic came from the Bahamas. And we were told by medical doctors at the time–that because it permeated the membrane of the brain more quickly–it was the crack you’d never come back. It was somehow fundamentally different than SOMEONE in a beautiful neighborhood like this sniffing a line of cocaine, would get not an automatic sentence for.

The definition of systemic: relating to a system, especially as opposed to a particular part. Senator Biden’s bill, that required much stronger penalties for crack cocaine than for powder cocaine, meets that definition.

One of the more consequential of Biden’s laws was the ‘100-1’ rule, so named because it required a five-year mandatory minimum sentence for trafficking in 500 grams of powder cocaine or five grams of crack.

Biden acknowledges that he drafted the legislation that created the 100:1 sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine. At the time Biden celebrated his accomplishment, but, as the Washington Post said:

“A provision in the law came to be viewed as one of the most racially slanted sentencing policies on record: a rule that treated crack cocaine as significantly worse than powder cocaine and ended up disproportionately punishing African Americans.”

Let’s be clear here.
The Washington Post is saying:

  • Joe Biden is the author of one of the most racists sentencing policies on record.
  • Joe Biden created policies that disproportionately imprisoned Blacks.

Fortunately, that was corrected by the First Step Act advocated for and signed by President Trump in December of 2018. Trump’s law, among other reforms, eliminated the distinction between crack and cocaine.

The First Step Act also gave federal judges more leeway when sentencing some drug offenders and power boost prisoner rehabilitation efforts. Another provision allowed federal prisoners sentenced for crack cocaine offenses before August 2010 the opportunity to petition for a reduced penalty for good behavior.

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  1. Alcohol in the form of Martinis are oK… alcohol in the form of beer is not ok.
    This is the logic of adding baking soda to cocaine to make it 100x worse under the law.
    Biden is a racist monster. Wake the F**K is up!

  2. Joe Biden didn’t just compromise with segregationists. He fought for their cause in schools. – Joe Biden helped give America the language that is still used to oppose school integration today, legislative and education history experts say.

    Cory Booker Says Joe Biden Created ‘All the Problems That He Is Talking About’ – “I actually led the bill that got passed into law that reverses the damage that your bills that you were bragging, calling it the Biden crime bill up until 2015.”

  3. Biden’s racism has been on display for 40 years. People seem to be blind to it.

    People seem to think that if you are nice and apologetic about being a racist, then it’s sort of okay. F’ these people.

    Never Biden. His sugar-coated racism is as bad as anything out there.



  5. ‘in a neighborhood as beautiful as this’ —> Biden is saying black people live in ugly neighborhoods. What a f*ckin racist!

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