Hart InterCivic, third-largest maker of voting machines in USA, acquired by Clinton crony…

One company that has escaped scrutiny thus far is Hart InterCivic, the third-largest maker of voting machines in the United States, which makes the voting machines used in seven Indiana counties: Cass, Gibson, Harrison, Monroe, Ohio, Washington and Wayne, as well as several counties in southern Michigan, two in Pennsylvania and many in California and Texas. Hart InterCivic, unbeknownst to . . . pretty much everybody . . . was recently acquired by an investment company founded by the son of Clinton associate Strobe Talbott, who helped distribute the Steele dossier – seen by many on the Right as a concocted effort to tie President Donald Trump to the Russian government and to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election. Why this was not announced anywhere will surely be a topic for conversation going forward, and perhaps result in a push for more transparency about the ownership of machines that count the votes and determine the winners in every American election.

Indiana Policy Review


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