In 2006, The Miami Herald warned about Smartmatic’s ties to Hugo Chávez:

“Software engineers with links to the Leftist, anti-American regime of HUGO CHÁVEZ are in charge of programming electronic VOTING machines that will soon power U.S. ELECTIONS.”

2006 CNN Segment Warned Over ‘Venezuelan Controlled’ Smartmatic

Fifteen years ago CNN reported that watchdog groups were questioning why U.S. voting machines would be under the control of citizens from another country.


When Chicago had problems with the machines, a dozen Venezuelan employees were there to “help” with the election.

Dobbs told Pilgrim: “Let’s call the White House! Lets find out the answer so everyone knows by Monday evening. This is ridiculous!.”

“We’re looking into it actively Lou,” said Ms. Pilgrim.


Smartmatic’s Own About Us Page Confirms Ties to Venezuela

Smartmatic’s about us page from 2005:

Seven years ago we were the Research and Development Unit of Panagroup in Venezuela. Our main goal was to provide smart connectivity and information technologies to the automation and industrial control market.

– Smartmatic’s About Us Page

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