Pakistan = $25,000,000 for democracy and gender programs.
Asia = $1,400,000,000.
Egypt = $1,300,000,000.
Sudan = $700,000,000.
Ukraine = $453,000,000.
Israel = $500,000,000.
Burma = $135,000,000.
Nepal = $130,000,000.
Cambodia = $85,500,000.
Pakistan = $25,000,000.

American Citizens = SCREWED

(It’s a massive 5,000 page bill, we will find more abuse in it)

Something is out of balance here. This is what they are voting on. They care more about the arts and foreign governments than Americans without income. And nobody is reading the bill. People are hurting no time for everyone’s pork.

Twitter Erupts in Anger

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  1. This is so unfair for our Military,,our VA patients,,our homeless,,,take care of the USA people first for once. Show that we matter!!! You have all these organizations of BLM,,LGBTQ Matters,,POLICE LIVES MATTER,,ETC. Why not all legal AMERICANS matter! Make us a priority,,put us first,,make us matter,,make us count. Not all these foreign countries and their gender issues,,and oddball wants,,,we shouldn’t want to pay for their ideas. PAY FOR OUR NEEDS,,,WE HAVE MILLIONS IN NEED,,IN PAIN,,IN SUFFERING. Don’t pay for other countries millions of dollars when our own people are hurting.

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