After it became clear Romney could not handle the crowd, Utah GOP chair Derek Brown stepped in to help a flustered Romney manage the situation. The Boos continued with full force, until Romney walked off the stage.


Republican delegates Boo Mitt Romney at the Maverik Center on Saturday for the party’s state convention.

We have two words for Mr. Brown—EARN, RESPECT!

In stark contrast to Romney, the crowd loved Sen. Mike Lee:

Sen. Mike Lee drew a standing ovation as he took the podium and, hand on his heart, he cheered delegates in attendance “for taking action! Thank you!,” he said, calling their presence “an act of faith in the future”…

Quoting George Washington, Lee said U.S. exceptionalism rested in faith in its citizenry, not the government. “It means freedom,” he said, adding that Democrats hated Republicans and decrying their new proposals under the Biden administration.

“Their whole agenda is wrapped up around one idea,” Lee said, “unquestionable trust in government.”

– Schott, B. (2021, May 1).

Mitt Romney, a Very Low Energy Guy

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Romney. Last week he was caught on live camera sleeping during Biden’s joint address to Congress.

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