Top 125+ Trump Accomplishments

Sep 25

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List of Trump’s 125+ ‘Impossible’ Accomplishments, Sorted by the Most Upvotes First:

[qcopd-directory mode=”one” list_id=”135460″ style=”style-10″ column=”1″ upvote=”on” hide_list_title=”true” display_username=”false” item_details_page=”off” paginate_items=”false” favorite=”disable” enable_left_filter=”false” main_click=”” enable_tag_filter=”false” tooltip=”false” list_title_font_size=”” item_orderby=”upvotes” list_title_line_height=”” title_font_size=”22px” subtitle_font_size=”16px” title_line_height=”23px” subtitle_line_height=”17px” filter_area=”normal”]

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