WATCH: Showdown in South LA between Dijon Kizzee protesters and County Sheriffs — 4th Night of Protests

Watch live feeds below, or browse other live feeds across the nation tonight. LIVE VIDEO FEED 1 LIVE FEED 2 LIVE FEED 3 EARLIERLOS ANGELES, CA Imperial Highway

WATCH: Seattle Protesters Headed to the Police Officer’s Guild in SoDo — Last Time This Happened They Tried To Burn It Down In Case You Want to Know The BLM Agenda in Seattle TonightSeattle, WA Live Streams Live feed 1Live feed 2Live feed 3View all live feeds from Seattle and other cities…. UPDATE 9:23 PM EST – SEATTLE POLICE SURROUND PROTESTERS FROM MULTIPLE LOCATIONS, MOVE IN A RIOT LINE, FLASHBANGS OUT POLICE MOVE IN “LIKE […]

WATCH: San Diego Trump Boat Parade – Tens of Thousands of Onlookers Chant “4 More Years” While Watching 2,000 Trump Parade Boats

Tens of thousands of people line the shore of the San Diego Bay to support President Trump. “Massive Turnout… I was there in my boat! It blew my mind how much support San Diego has for Trump.”@DrShawn6 “Four More Years” Trump Boat Parades Are So Much […]

WATCH: Texas Trump Boat Parade #LakeTravis #Texas #AustinBoatParade #TrumpBoatParade

Miles of Boats for the Austin, TX Boat Parade Lake Travis

WATCH: Minnesota Trump Boat Parade — Labor Day Weekend — Miles of Boats — Is Minnesota Flipping Red?

Over Labor Day weekend, Trump Boat parades will be held in ⛵️ NEW JERSEY ⛵️ MINNESOTA ⛵️ MICHIGAN ⛵️PENNSYLVANIA ⛵️NY ⛵️ WISCONSIN⛵️MASSACHUSETTS ⛵️ILLINOIS ⛵️MARYLAND⛵️NC ⛵️OHIO ⛵️INDIANA ⛵️IOWA ⛵️FLORIDA ⛵️OKLAHOMA ⛵️TENNESSEE⛵️TEXAS⛵️KENTUCKY⛵️SC ⛵️GEORGIA ⛵️NORTH DAKOTA⛵️LOUISIANA ⛵️MISSOURI Five reasons it’s a great day to have a boat parade in Minnesota. First, Nate Silver’s 538 said the cornerstone of […]

WATCH: Jersey Shore Trump Boat Parade — Labor Day Weekend — Boat Parade in Blue State Over 6 Miles!

Over Labor Day weekend, Trump Boat parades will be held in ⛵️ NEW JERSEY ⛵️ MINNESOTA ⛵️ MICHIGAN ⛵️PENNSYLVANIA ⛵️NY ⛵️ WISCONSIN⛵️MASSACHUSETTS ⛵️ILLINOIS ⛵️MARYLAND⛵️NC ⛵️OHIO ⛵️INDIANA ⛵️IOWA ⛵️FLORIDA ⛵️OKLAHOMA ⛵️TENNESSEE⛵️TEXAS⛵️KENTUCKY⛵️SC ⛵️GEORGIA ⛵️NORTH DAKOTA⛵️LOUISIANA ⛵️MISSOURI NEW JERSEY TRUMP BOAT PARADE “It seems that the Americans have finally started to wake up”New Jersey Trump Boat Parade […]

With “DEATH TO AMERICA” As Their Lead Banner, Protesters Shout: “Every City, Every Town, Burn the Precinct to the Ground” in NYC

Protesters in New York City geared up in black bloc to take over NYC streets carrying a “Death to America” and “Free Political Prisoners” banners. Chants of “every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground” echoed the streets of New York. Clearer picture of the banners— barely informed with elad 🕵🏻‍♂️ […]

SHOCK: BLM Protesters Shout ‘Death to America’ On The Streets of Philadelphia

While the press attempts to declare the BLM protests a 93% peaceful movement, the protesters’ true intentions came out Friday night. Watch as the protest parade starts shouting: ‘Death to America’ Iran’s favorite chant, ‘Death to America,’ shouted by BLM protesters in Philadelphia on 9/4/2020. Philly— special agent viti (@selfdeclaredref) September 4, 2020 BLM […]

OVERNIGHT: Rioters Set Multiple Fires to Seattle P.D. East Precinct + Hundreds Slam @MayorJenny For Tweeting WNBA Fan Picks While Station Burns

10:30 PM PST #BidenRiots Watch: MalcontentmentTango Protests and riots in 12 US cities this evening: Regularly Updated List of Live Protest Streams w/ Current Status While Seattle P.D. East Precinct Burns, @MayorJenny Tweets Her Fan Pick — Swift and Forceful Backlash On Twitter Ensues The only things less popular […]

BREAKING: Crowds gathering in Los Angeles — after police confirm they shot an ARMED black man

#BidenRiots Watch LIVE VIDEO FEED 1: Protests and riots in 12 US cities this evening:➔ Regularly Updated List of Live Protest Streams w/ Current Status EARLIER in LOS ANGELES – Armed black man shot by police NORMANDIE AVE & W 109TH ST – SOUTH LOS ANGELES

Kenosha Business Owner Sobs While Forced to Watch Her 35-Year Business Smolder After Rioters Set Blaze

#BidenRiots Watch Video: Linda Carpenter and her son, Scott, stood by the smoldering remains of her smashed-in store, B & L Office Furniture. I don’t understand, how can somebody can decide to take it away a business in a matters of hours! The business represents countless hours of labor and lifelong dreams of this […]

WATCH: Rioters March in Oakland Chanting ‘Death to America’

#BidenRiots Watch Video: Rioters march chanting ‘Death to America’ Police being pelted with rocks and water bottles in skirmishes with protesters during social justice march Oakland Riots Mandana Boulevard

Dem. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Admits He Doesn’t Know How How To Prevent Violence AFTER Admitting Dem. Gov. Kate Brown Refused The National Guard

Watch Video: Remember: You Get The Leaders You Vote ForLoved how the Police Chief Wasn’t Pulling Him Out of His Hole. @tedwheeler This is all on YOU! After he admits Oregon’s Democrat Gov. Kate Brown refused the national guard, Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler says, “I’m not sure how you specifically, operationally can prevent […]

Did You Know That There Are Four Promising #COVID19 Treatments Proposed Using INEXPENSIVE Drugs?

Doctors and researchers around the world found success using the following four treatments. Watch and see why these treatments are so promising in the doctor’s and researcher’s own words. [su_heading size=”25″ margin=”10″]HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE[/su_heading] Hydroxychloroquine: video 1 – Part 1 HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE: VIDEO 1 – PART 2 [su_heading size=”25″ margin=”10″]IVERMECTIN[/su_heading] Ivermectin: links Well-Respected Australian Researcher: Consider Triple Therapy […]