Livestream Catches Poll Worker Invalidating Ballots By Double Marking

Advertisements RIGGED ELECTIONS 2020 Yahoo! Finance live streamed “mail-in ballots being examined.” They accidentally caught what appears to be voter fraud on tape, and then immediately panned the other direction. WATCH VIDEO: Voter Fraud Caught on Tape? Let Us Know Your Thoughts. It appears voter fraud happened on livestream! Guy is reviewing ballotsAppears he […]

Looters Storm CVS; Cops Arrive; A Truck Gets T-Boned and Completely Flipped Over — Philadelphia

Advertisements WATCH: Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Wolf calls Philadelphia riots a ‘peaceful protest.’ A Small Business Gone in Seconds — Philadelphia BLM Protests Elsewhere in Philadelphia

Joe Biden: “We Have Put Together… The Most Extensive & Inclusive VOTER FRAUD Organization”

Advertisements Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics” WATCH: “We’re in a situation where we have put together – and you guys did it for our admi … the president, Obama’s administration before this – we have put together, I think, the […]

Media Catches What Looks To Be Voter Fraud on Video, Pans The Other Direction

Advertisements Yahoo! Finance live streamed “mail-in ballots being examined before being counted in Germantown, Maryland.” They accidentally caught what appears to be voter fraud on tape, and then immediately panned the other direction. WATCH VIDEO: Voter Fraud Caught on Tape in Maryland? Let Us Know Your Thoughts. Feel free to download and distribute this […]

Mark Levin: The Polls are Rigged!

Advertisements More people are catching on to how the fake news manufactures polls to shape public opinion. Mark Levin reviews this story from The National Pulse on his show today: Poll That DOESN’T Weight in Favor of Dems Shows Trump Leading NationallyA new poll from the Democracy Institute and the Sunday Express reveals what the […]

What Is Supreme Court Packing?

Advertisements In a nutshell: Packing the court was FDR’s plan to expand the court to 15 justices, from 9; and to “pack” the 6 new seats with liberals that would support FDR’s “New Deal” programs. FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) initiated this plan when the Supreme Court curtailed some of his programs. “Packing the court” was […]

WATCH: Showdown in South LA between Dijon Kizzee protesters and County Sheriffs — 4th Night of Protests

Advertisements Watch live feeds below, or browse other live feeds across the nation tonight. LIVE VIDEO FEED 1 LIVE FEED 2 LIVE FEED 3 EARLIERLOS ANGELES, CA Imperial Highway

WATCH: Seattle Protesters Headed to the Police Officer’s Guild in SoDo — Last Time This Happened They Tried To Burn It Down

Advertisements In Case You Want to Know The BLM Agenda in Seattle TonightSeattle, WA Live Streams Live feed 1Live feed 2Live feed 3View all live feeds from Seattle and other cities…. UPDATE 9:23 PM EST – SEATTLE POLICE SURROUND PROTESTERS FROM MULTIPLE LOCATIONS, MOVE IN A RIOT LINE, FLASHBANGS OUT POLICE MOVE IN […]

WATCH: 6th Night of Protests in Rochester, NY #DanielPrude #BidenRiots

Advertisements Protest turning down Main… “which side are on my people, which side are you on?”Rochester, NY While the press attempts to declare the BLM protests a 93% peaceful movement, the fact remains that 48 of the largest 50 cities experienced violent protests. Live FeedsRochester, NY 9/7/2020 Live – below video is a live feed […]