Did You Know That There Are Four Promising #COVID19 Treatments Proposed Using INEXPENSIVE Drugs?

Advertisements Doctors and researchers around the world found success using the following four treatments. Watch and see why these treatments are so promising in the doctor’s and researcher’s own words. [su_heading size=”25″ margin=”10″]HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE[/su_heading] Hydroxychloroquine: video 1 – Part 1 HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE: VIDEO 1 – PART 2 [su_heading size=”25″ margin=”10″]IVERMECTIN[/su_heading] Ivermectin: links Well-Respected Australian Researcher: Consider Triple […]

WOW: Biden’s DNC Speech 2008 vs 2020. Same. Exact. Speech.

Advertisements VIDEO: Comparing Biden’s 2008 DNC speech vs the 2020 DNC speech. Same clichés, promises and buzzwords. He didn’t keep the promises of the 2008 speech, he won’t keep promises in the 2020 speech. https://twitter.com/mbracemoore/status/1297021041445867520 Additional Details: After video was published, Twitter users pounced. They demanded the video be reported for ‘manipulated media.’ But, both […]

FOX NEWS Materially Skews Poll Results by Undersampling Independent Voters

Advertisements For a poll to be predictive, the pollster needs to understand who will show up on election day. Polls that try to predict turnout on Election Day, describe their sample as likely voters. Polls that sample registered or eligible voters are not intentionally predictive. Each Election Year, a significant percentage of registered voters do […]