MSNBC: Calling PA is Premature

Advertisements The media spent the entire day telling us how Biden’s lead is going to continue to expand and now the state is still in play? Now, Kornacki says calling PA is premature: He says there are 100K outstanding mail-in ballots in PA which could be challenged.He says there are 100K provisional ballots that appear […]

Joe Biden admits President Trump’s USMCA “is better than NAFTA.”

Advertisements “He renegotiated NAFTA, and you didn’t-is the point” Joe Biden concedes that President Trump’s renegotiated US-Mexico-Canada Agreement is “better than NAFTA,” which he says he and Obama were unable to renegotiate “because we had a Republican Congress that wouldn’t go along with us” But, Doesn’t @JoeBiden always campaign that he can reach across […]

WOW: Biden’s DNC Speech 2008 vs 2020. Same. Exact. Speech.

Advertisements VIDEO: Comparing Biden’s 2008 DNC speech vs the 2020 DNC speech. Same clichés, promises and buzzwords. He didn’t keep the promises of the 2008 speech, he won’t keep promises in the 2020 speech. Additional Details: After video was published, Twitter users pounced. They demanded the video be reported for ‘manipulated media.’ But, both […]

Jill Biden–Not Joe–Defends The VP’s Cognitive Ability On Live TV

Advertisements Joe Biden is facing mounting criticism that he is unfit to lead the country. So what does he do? He sends his wife on live TV to defend him: At Min/Sec: 3:50 ‘IT’S RIDICULOUS!’ Jill Biden Says Voters Don’t Have the Right to Question Joe Biden’s ‘Cognitive Decline.’ Here is the video […]

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