Georgia certifies then decertifies recount results

The Georgia Secretary of State issued a correction Friday afternoon, saying this state is still completing the certification process, despite an earlier announcement that the state had certified an electoral victory for Joe Biden. Georgia certifies then decertifies recount resultsThe certification remains expected later today TRUMP CAMPAIGN STATEMENT ON GEORGIA “Headlines are already falsely reporting […]

Is Trump Leaving Twitter for Parler?

The word on the street is Trump is preparing to leave Twitter for Parler. First, Maria Bartiromo is leaving Twitter after several of her posts were erroneously marked as misleading by Twitter. Ms. Bartiromo has a solid reputation for being reasonable and conveying just facts for investors that are only interested in the facts. Now, […]

MSNBC: Calling PA is Premature

The media spent the entire day telling us how Biden’s lead is going to continue to expand and now the state is still in play? Now, Kornacki says calling PA is premature: He says there are 100K outstanding mail-in ballots in PA which could be challenged.He says there are 100K provisional ballots that appear to […]

Philadelphia Blocking Poll Watchers

The job of a poll watcher is to supervise the people processing and counting the ballots. It’s pointless if you can’t see what they are doing with the ballots and if they are counting them correctly. I’ve been poll watcher many times, and this is joke. Democracy=transparency. Reports are we have to overcome a 5% […]