๐Ÿšจ Mob of Biden Voters / BLM Protesters Surround Portland Hotels, Harass Guests for Ignoring Their Protest ๐Ÿšจ

Oct 1

Hotel Guests Closed Their Blinds On The Protesters in Portland. Next, Biden Voters & BLM Supporters Surround & Lecture The Hotel Guests For Their ‘Disrespect’

Portland, OR

The rally was attended by families and young children. Despite a family presence, Patrick Kimmon’s mother yells lewd comments.


According to online reports, Patrick Kimmons was shot by police after shooting two people in a gang rivalry. Kimmons then pointed the gun at first responders. She blames the police and calls them the criminals.

“I am your savior”

At the rally, ‘security’ knocks a man to the ground who appears to be yelling, ‘I am your savior.’ ‘Security’ hits him and puts him in an elbow choke to force him out of the public rally.

‘Making a Change’ Rap: “I feel like breaking some shโ€”. I feel like taking some shโ€”.”

Situation Turns Tense

Residents are not happy the Democrat DA Mike Schmidt lets criminal rioters and looters out immediately with no bail.

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