Twitter Users Mock ABCNews For Claiming The Killings at Protests Are Not Directly Linked to Protests

ABCNews: Violence at Protests Not Directly Linked to Protests

“The images are stark — people clashing with police, buildings on fire, vandalism, shootings and even killings,” writes ABC News. “But an ABC News examination of a string of fatal and non-fatal confrontations that have occurred amidst the unrest has found the alleged motive for most of the carnage in those incidents are not directly linked to peaceful civil disobedience.”

A New Meme is Born: Several Deaths Have Been Connected To _____, But The Story Is More Complicated.

Thousands of Twitter users mocked ABCNews for attempting minimize the seriousness of these deaths, by comparing their bizarre headline formula to other dangerous situations. It’s a disservice what ABCNews is doing! To the individuals that died, and their families. They want to maintain a narrative at any costs.

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