Bill O’Reilly Predicts a Bombshell Trump Story Will Drop On Sunday to Dominate The News Cycle Into Elections

Bill O’Reilly makes a bold prediction about what will happen on Sunday — Starts at 2:26

Bill O’Reilly: New York Times or Washington Post will drop a bombshell on Sunday.

Well, the NY Times damaged their credibility with that “anonymous Senior White House Official” that turned out to not be a ‘Senior’ White House Official.

Rush also talked about it on his show:

Overwhelming Number of People Will Not Believe It

We polled Twitter and 98% would not believe a story that came out right before the elections about their preferred candidate because the timing is suspect.

After four years of lies from the media; false stories and fake anonymous stories, no one believes what the media says.

This will only show how desperate the elite media and Democrats are right now as enthusiasm for TRUMP is surging. It’s another song of despair.

Frenzy on Twitter – The Rumor Quickly Spread On Twitter

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