Media Catches What Looks To Be Voter Fraud on Video, Pans The Other Direction

Yahoo! Finance live streamed “mail-in ballots being examined before being counted in Germantown, Maryland.” They accidentally caught what appears to be voter fraud on tape, and then immediately panned the other direction.

Voter Fraud Caught on Tape in Maryland? Let Us Know Your Thoughts. Feel free to download and distribute this video far and wide.

It appears voter fraud happened on livestream!

  1. Guy is reviewing ballots
  2. It looks like the guy sees a ballot with a blank spot to fill in OR it looks like the guy spots an opportunity to invalidate ballots by double marking them. (Vote in person everybody).
  3. Guy checks if the coast is clear (You’d think he would know to not look around before he grabs a black pen to fill in bubbles. That isn’t how someone doing a boring, repetitive task acts when doing something they are supposed to do.)
  4. Guy grabs a black pin and starts marking the ballot.
  5. Media pans the other direction.

The guy in front of him also seems to be marking ballots, but with a yellow highlighter.

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  1. I’m shocked! Just kidding. This is probably happening everywhere all day

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    Cynthia J. Campbell Oct 21 at 1:53 pm

    We need to punish a few Dem poll workers. This crap would stop!🤬🤬🤬

    • There is more than a few of them.. They are probably doing other things, too. Like getting rid of a candidates votes.

  3. They need to have camera’s setup in all places where they review and count ballots. This is upsetting, but like the other commented said, probably happening all day long every day. Thanks Pelosi!

    • You would think with our technology we would have a better system to do this beside the out of date way that puts a lot of people able to manipulate a vote. I voted early on a computer machine, unless someone is manipulating the votes in the database, there is limited opportunity to manipulate a vote and no on site human contact for error/manipulation. None of this didn’t fill out the ballot right crap! My computer system at work actually records EVERY action that I do right down to accounts and functions that I am doing. IT KNOWS EVEYTHING, LITERALLY EVERYTHING!! You would think that there would be something better than this barbaric system. Why would any state use this system? It doesn’t matter which side you are on…this method and the manipulating of physical material votes is ALARMING and everybody should be concerned! Do you realize how many votes could be misplaced, misfiled, recounted, human error and even blatant voter fraud. This along with massive mail out on an out of date voters list that have dead people, improper checking of voter, voters with multiple addresses, voter harvesting, multiple ballots being sent to same address to everybody that hasn’t lived there in 25 years, plus ballots being thrown in rivers, dumpsters, etc… People were getting paid to riot, loot and burn…do you think people were paid to conduct voter fraud and/ or look the other way? This is an embarrassment to our country!

  4. And we know it’s a democratic poll worker because? Because he’s black? Profile much? Could it be that it’s an isolated instance, and we don’t know republican or democrat? Or doesn’t that fit your narrative?

    • I didn’t even notice his race…I had to go back and view it again. You apparently are the one that is profiling…that okay along as it fits your narrative, right?

    • If you support Trump over me, “then you ain’t black!”

    • because dems commit voter fraud. doesn’t matter what race, religion, creed or sexual orientation. if it’s voter fraud, it’s a dem. 100%. this has been proven multiple times by ann coulter. i didn’t even think about race until i read your comment

  5. Is it voter fraud? That’s the narrative. Is it happening? That’s a fact. Open your democrat eyes Dan!

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