Livestream Catches Poll Worker Invalidating Ballots By Double Marking


Yahoo! Finance live streamed “mail-in ballots being examined.” They accidentally caught what appears to be voter fraud on tape, and then immediately panned the other direction.

Voter Fraud Caught on Tape? Let Us Know Your Thoughts.

It appears voter fraud happened on livestream!

  1. Guy is reviewing ballots
  2. Appears he is found a ballot he wants to invalidate by double marking them.
  3. Guy checks if the coast is clear (You’d think he would know to not look around before he grabs a black pen to fill in bubbles. That isn’t how someone doing a boring, repetitive task acts when doing something they are supposed to do.)
  4. Guy grabs a black pin and starts marking the ballot.
  5. Media pans the other direction.

The guy in front of him also seems to be marking ballots, but with a yellow highlighter.

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