Texas Early Ballot Returns Show Recent Polls Are Wrong As GOP Dominates 53% to 37%

With 6,209,849 ballots cast, the GOP dominates the early vote. 53% GOP to 37% DEM. About 44% of all registered voters have voted.

Source: NBCNews.

Youth Vote as a Percentage Collapses

Particularly worrisome for Democrats trying to turn the state blue was the absence of youth voters as a percentage. Because voting is up 194% from this time in 2016, raw numbers show the youth vote up. However, as a percentage of full demographic, they makeup only 11%. In 2016 they were 19% of the electorate. Young people are not showing up.

Source: NBCNews.

Polls Appear To Be Wrong

Republicans are expected to have a swell of voters cast ballots as we approach November 3rd, 2020. This is because some Republicans are wary of casting mail-in ballots.

This week three polls were released that show Biden and Trump even. The early vote data does not support this claim because it’s expected the share of GOP voters will only increase from now to election day.

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    Eric N Liskey Oct 24 at 10:02 pm

    We’ll see if this holds up. If more Repubs are voting early than expected, then perhaps less than expected will vote between now and Nov. 3. This is all uncharted territory. I don’t think anyone considers this bad news for the GOP, but it remains to be seen how it ultimately plays out.

    • Yeah, but you know the Democrats aren’t going to show on Election Day. They are hardly showing up for in person early voting. On Election Day the Dems are going to be locked in their homes due to Covid-19.

  2. I think it will be such a landslide I’m not sure that the Dems can even cheat enough to win!

  3. Here in our county,in Tennessee, long line to vote early every day for the last two weeks. Across from the Election commission office lots of signs for Trump,…not one sign for Biden. The local Democrats with small town patriotic values, did not have the word Democrat on their signs! My wife took note of all this first and I concurred. Along the roads, in our county, not one sign for Biden, that we have seen in the last few weeks. I”m sure there is one somewhere, probably, though. Talked with another Disabled Vet, who reproted the sam logn line in his county when he and his wife went to vote last week, an similar lack of obvious sings of support for Biden/Harris.
    I don’t understand the polls. They certainly were not from Free America fly over country.
    President Trump has won the election already, IMO, just waiting for the filling in of the blanks.

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