Fact Check: Did Biden Say No Coal Power Plants Will Ever Be Built In America If He Wins?


In the presidential debates on 9/29/2020, Biden said:

“Nobody’s going to build another coal-fired plant in America. No one is going to build another oil-fired plant in America,” Biden said. “They’re going to move to renewable energy.”

– Joe Biden


Biden/Harris Saying They Will Ban Fracking

The press is losing all credibility. They continue to lie for Joe Biden despite a mountain of video of evidence of Joe Biden claiming he will ban fracking.

Bottom Line: With the first hand video evidence of Biden saying he would ban fracking, do you trust him now that he suddenly says he will not ban fracking? Also, do you trust the press? During the Democratic debates, they pointed out how Biden would ban fracking. Now they claim something different.

Kamala Harris Has No Question She Would Ban Fracking

Press Flip Flops on Biden/Harris Fracking

The Hill Today:
Today The Hill is reporting the Biden’s comments reflect a desire to only ban new fracking.

Biden’s climate plan calls for ending new oil and gas leases on public lands, but it would not ban oil drilling and does not bar any specific method for extracting fossil fuels.

The Hill

The Hill on April 10:
The Hill ran this article: Biden’s fracking ban will derail environmental and economic gains.

For the second time during the Democratic debate series, Biden recently told the television audience that if he’s elected president he will move to ban fracking.

The Hill

CNN Today:
CNN is claiming Biden is not banning fracking.

CNN on July 10:

Asked if he would commit to ending the use of fossil fuels and fracking during his presidency, Joe Biden hesitated before saying he would “work it out” of the American economy. “We would make sure it’s eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those.”


Millions of Jobs at Stake


A new study shows that the Democrats’ ban on fracking and federal oil and gas leasing alone “could trigger a U.S. recession, leading to a $1.2 trillion reduction in gross domestic product and 7.5 million lost jobs by 2022. With 600,000 jobs lost in Pennsylvania.”


Joe Biden promised to do a lot of things – like “no more, no new fracking,” “no ability for the oil industry to continue drilling,” “ban coal mining,” “take millions of automobiles off the road,” and so on and so forth.

The effects of such a radical agenda does pose an immediate threat to the future of job producing projects like Twin Metals, PolyMet, and Enbridge Line 3 – all of which promise to bring thousands of good-paying jobs and millions in sustained revenue to northern Minnesota.

So while Joe Biden continues to talk up his plans to take hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs in favor of Green New Deal policies, it’s time for the former VP to go on record: Will he eliminate future blue-collar jobs in northern Minnesota by opposing mining and Enbridge Line 3?


Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris is a shot across the bow to 100,000 Wisconsinites facing unemployment due to their proposal to eliminate fracking.

Banning Galore

Sen. Kamala Harris Came Out For A Ban On Plastic Straws And Took Aim At Red Meat Consumption. “And yet, in her CNN town hall, Kamala Harris was asked whether she supports changing the food pyramid to reduce red meat consumption. She does. And, amid calling for prohibitions on hydraulic fracturing and offshore drilling, the California senator also came out for a ban on plastic straws, even as she acknowledged the inferiority of paper straws.” ( Politico , 9/6/19)

The Candidates Participating In The Last Debate Had A “Message For Americans” That Gas Powered Cars Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past. “Democrats running for president had a message for Americans on Wednesday night: you are going to have to wean yourselves off your gas-powered cars. ‘It’s not something you have to do. It’s awesome,’ entrepreneur Andrew Yang joked. That didn’t satisfy CNN host Wolf Blitzer, who pressed Yang during Wednesday’s live presidential town hall on climate change. ‘What’s the answer? Are we all going to have to drive electric cars?’ Blitzer asked.” ( The Sacramento Bee , 9/6/19)

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Pledged To Bring Down Meat Consumption Through His Carbon Tax. “Buttigieg noted that his carbon tax applied to meat would help curb meat consumption by demonstrating to consumers the climate costs of meat production. ‘We change the economic signal and bring it into balance, and balance is what we have lost when it comes to our relationship with creation, with the Earth, that sustains our ability to live,’ he said.”” ( Vox , 9/5/19)

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