GRAPH: Daily Coronavirus Deaths Are Decreasing

Let’s have an honest discussion.

This week MSNBC & New York Times editors made a ridiculous math flub on TV. So, for that reason alone, we should question the media’s basic facts and assumptions.

Media Misleads with Cumulative Statistics & Graphs

The media only uses a cumulative graph to illustrate coronavirus deaths. This is misleading. It shows the number of fatalities continuously increasing, on a time-based graph. But, the number of global deaths per day are decreasing.

When I inform people of this fact, no one accepts it. Instead, people say China isn’t sharing all information.

To that, I reply: What about South Korea?

They rarely respond.

There is a reason the genius scientist & entrepreneur Elon Musk tweeted this:

…and you might be dumb if you continue to believe the mainstream media. They are an abject failure. This virus fear-mongering is just the latest example.

Since I could not find a graph to illustrate the per-day fatalities, I made one using John Hopkins’ raw data on GITHUB.

The virus is decreasing in hotspots such as South Korea, China and Hong Kong (the first to deal with the novel virus). The press tells us it’s an outbreak, or a pandemic on the precipice. Both situations would suggest exponential growth. The actual data doesn’t suggest exponential growth of fatalities at all. The data suggests decline. In fact, the crude death rate is statistically 0.

Also, it’s now being estimated that 80% of individuals that contract the coronavirus are asymptomatic or midly-symptomatic. And in this viral video, Rebecca Fraiser says she “never really felt unwell” after contracting the virus, and it “sounds like it is the case for the majority of people.”

GRAPH: Number of COVID-19 Deaths Per Day by Country from January 22nd to March 7th — Daily Totals Stacked To Show Worldwide Total

 Australia  China  France  Hong Kong  Iran  Iraq  Italy  Japan  Others  Philippines  San-Marino  South Korea  Switzerland  Taiwan  Thailand  UK  USA 

DateLocationReported Deaths
1/22/2020Worldwide 17
1/23/2020Worldwide 1
1/24/2020Worldwide 8
1/25/2020Worldwide 16
1/26/2020Worldwide 14
1/27/2020Worldwide 26
1/28/2020Worldwide 49
1/29/2020Worldwide 2
1/30/2020Worldwide 38
1/31/2020Worldwide 42
2/1/2020Worldwide 46
2/2/2020 Worldwide 103
2/3/2020 Worldwide 64
2/4/2020 Worldwide 66
2/5/2020 Worldwide 72
2/6/2020 Worldwide 70
2/7/2020 Worldwide 85
2/8/2020 Worldwide 87
2/9/2020 Worldwide 100
2/10/2020 Worldwide 107
2/11/2020 Worldwide 100
2/12/2020 Worldwide 5
2/13/2020 Worldwide Climax253 Coronavirus Deaths vs.
Estimated 794 to 1,780 from the Seasonal Flu on 2/13.
2/14/2020 Worldwide 152
2/15/2020 Worldwide 143
2/16/2020 Worldwide 104
2/17/2020 Worldwide 98
2/18/2020 Worldwide 139
2/19/2020 Worldwide 115
2/20/2020 Worldwide 125
2/21/2020 Worldwide 4
2/22/2020 Worldwide 207
2/23/2020 Worldwide 11
2/24/2020Worldwide 160
2/25/2020 Worldwide 79
2/26/2020 Worldwide 62
2/27/2020 Worldwide 44
2/27/2020 Worldwide 58
2/29/2020 Worldwide 69
3/1/2020 Worldwide 55
3/2/2020Worldwide 89
3/3/2020Worldwide 75
3/4/2020Worldwide 94
3/5/2020Worldwide 94
3/6/2020Worldwide 112
3/7/2020Worldwide 98

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