Is Trump Leaving Twitter for Parler?

The word on the street is Trump is preparing to leave Twitter for Parler. First, Maria Bartiromo is leaving Twitter after several of her posts were erroneously marked as misleading by Twitter. Ms. Bartiromo has a solid reputation for being reasonable and conveying just facts for investors that are only interested in the facts. Now, you’ll only get all her updates on Parler.

Maria Bartiromo urged President Trump to join her on Parler following a report that Twitter plans to censor the President even more!

Sr. Advisor to the President, Katrina Pierson, hinted a Trump departure from Twitter to Parler could happen:

Twitter, Facebook and other big-tech companies are censoring everyone that doesn’t agree with their politics. Mark Levin’s page went down. He is posting to Parler now as well as Dan Bongino.

You can download the Parler App For: iPhone | Android | Web

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