Judge dismisses third-degree murder charge against Derek Chauvin in death of George Floyd

  • Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill dismissed Minneapolis cop’s third-degree murder charge in a 107-page decision Thursday morning.
  • Cahill ruled that there was no probable cause for the charge because there was no evidence that Chauvin was ’eminently dangerous’ to people other than Floyd.
  • The judge wrote that Chauvin ‘s acts were ‘specifically aimed’ at Floyd when he pushed his chest, neck and throat, and face into concrete.
  • Dismissal shall remain for a maximum of five days to give the State time to appeal the decision.
  • Chauvin, 44, also faces criminal charges, including more serious charges of second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.
  • Judge also rejected motions for dismissal of the charges of aiding and betting against the three other dismissed officers charged in connection with Floyd ‘s death.
  • Hennepin County Government Center was boarded up before the decision was announced.
  • Chauvin is accused of killing George Floyd, a black man, on Memorial Day.
  • He knelt on Floyd ‘s neck for nine minutes before he passed away and died.

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