Woman Plows Car Through Group of Yorba Linda, CA Trump Supporters, Ambulance Called, Injuries Reported

A rally of Trump supporters and BLM protest took place on opposite sides of Imperial highway in Yorba Linda, CA. Then a white sedan came tearing through the crowd. The incident happened in a parking lot, not a street. At least two people injured.

Trump supporters did not attack the driver, but waited for deputies at the scene to to confront the driver.

The driver, a 40-year-old woman from Long Beach, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.

The driver was attending the protest, but authorities would not immediately say which side she supported. As of 8:30 p.m. PST, her name was not released.


Things are getting tense (3:00 pst):


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  1. Reasons for CA fires
    1. You elected a Moron who is running your state into the ground and has been driven to Idiocy by EXTREME Liberal ideas.
    2. You are experiencing rolling black outs. You have ANTIFA and BLM Terrorists burning and destroying your cities.
    3. Fires caused by the rioters, the weather, a drought, and his incompetence in not using proper maintenance in CA forests & state lands. Other states, ranchers and forestry services know how to do preventative maintenance on their forest, ESPECIALLY Canada. But the idiot you elected REFUSES TO TOUCH THEM instead homes & forests are burning! Thank You Gov. Newsom!!!!
    4. Your city is bankrupt because he invests in stupid energy projects because it makes him look like a good little liberal democrat as wpe. Screw his taxpayers; your lives, homes, and well-being; you do not matter to him!
    5. Is there ONLY climate change and lightning strikes in CA? I highly doubt it.
    6. Criminals running rampant and filled with HATE are also starting fires.
    7. Defunding the police is not helping because they are not there to stop the firebugs or the idiots having gender reveal parties in a drought stricken state that is IS ALREADY ON FIRE!
    Look up these 3 stories: I’m sure they are hundreds more
    –Oregon woman holds suspected arsonist at gunpoint as wildfires rage
    –Man caught in viral video setting fire in residential neighborhood. Police say suspect in custody
    —Try You Tube Man caught in viral video setting fire in residential neighborhood
    –Elite firefighter dies in wildfire sparked by gender reveal party

  2. BLM and Pantifa are emboldened by support from on high, and support from overseas, including the ChiComs who are itching to see America burn. The aformentioned Marxist traitors are mere cannon fodder for the Left, who have always wanted to “deform America” into their perverted image. These people MUST BE STOPPED.

  3. Thank you to all the brave Patriots .. we appreciate you, and thank you to our police force.

  4. Who are we kidding the woman driving through the crowd is a DERANGED CRIMINAL. She belongs in jail with the rest of the criminals that call themselves ANTIFA and BLM Peaceful protests yeah right NO ONE who has experienced the terror these animals put our cities through would call them that. Only the deranged Democrats or FAKE NEWS MEDIA call it peaceful.
    ALL LIVES MATTER. Black lives are not more important than anyone else’s lives. Deal with it! These people are terrorists and criminals, and I agree THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

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