Polls Are Fake & Controlled By Dems — Hunter Biden Emails Expose a Smoking Gun

The polls are fake. And that the pollster @FrankLuntz in this email practically works for Democrats. Now, that’s what’s called a smoking gun.

Note: Paul Ryan was literally unable to buy a win from this man.

Frank Luntz needs to explain!

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  1. Frank Luntz attempted to distance himself from the wrongness of the pollsters. He claimed he only did focus groups, so he wasn’t cupable.
    I have heard him in the past three weeks say that Trump will lose because he doesn’t have enough time to attract more voters with his rallies.
    Explicitly, he said Trump will lose. He used to be a gold standard I respected, but the truth is he is a publicly dishonest phony.

    It is disappointing, because Luntz was at one time a straight shooter. Fox should fire him along with their pollsters.

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