Thousands of Trump Supporters at the #UNSILENTMAJORITY Rally in D.C. — Police Quickly Shut Down Violent Antifa/BLM Saboteurs

WATCH – At the #WalkAway Unsilent Majority March on Washington there are about 8,000 registered pro-Trump attendees for the main rally. They have ex-military including #NavySEALs and #ArmyRangers in plain clothes doing recon to prevent any disruptions by counter-protests.

WalkAway Foundation is dedicated to pushing back on the radical Left. We will no longer tolerate the destruction of property and lives, the villainization of law enforcement, and the weaponization of tragedies. Our silence has been our consent! It is time for the Silent Majority to become UNSILENT!”

WATCH BELOW: BLM Rioters Attempt to Crash The Rally But Are Quickly Arrested

WATCH ➔ BLM rioters tried to crash the #WalkAway pro-Trump rally in DC today. The woman with the glasses screaming at the end of this video is Megan Mitra Smith. She was arrested at least three times in Portland over the past few months at violent protests–she’s likely a paid asset.

The event attracted thousands across the nation

WATCH: Thousands Rally & March at the #WalkAway

VIDEO: Thousands March in Washington D.C. to Support Trump

VOTE: “We must vote Republican across the board to SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

VIDEO: Crowd Chants of #WalkAway

VIDEO: People from all walks of life welcome at the event

VIDEO: March continues for miles

VIDEO: Fighting for freedom at Freedom Plaza

VIDEO: Antifa is not an idea

Up Close & Personal

Individual Voters Share Why They Are Supporters

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