TRUMP: “We are going to win four more years. And then after that we’ll go for another four years, because they spied on my campaign. We should get a redo of four years.”

3 minutes ago
@WalshFreedom Well, what is weird is that she is praying to G_d to intercede and allow, what basically amounts to an anti-Christ type figure who just happens to give to pro life, not bc he cares, another four years.
Sorry but how anyone can claim that this flawed King is G_dly is insane.
7 minutes ago
@rogue_corq yep. and those mofo's thought they'd slam dunk trump in there for another four years. wtf do they think we are, stupid? friggin sob needs to be charged on 01-20-2021
8 minutes ago
Nor do I. They are in too deep & too fearful of his wrath to even try. And perhaps they like the chaos. But we sure as heck don't. Another Amendment that probably needs birthing. Well, we've learned a lot these past four years. Hopefully we can use it so this never happens again.
10 minutes ago
@ryanshrime @Anderson20_4 @lew_ej @magninano And you underestimate how much cheating happened in this election. It will come out and Trump will server another four years.
11 minutes ago
@thehill @JoeBiden should unilaterally disarm; he should destroy the nuclear arsenal in the next four years. The Cold War is over. He needs to protect the world from the threat of another Trump, whomever that might be. #NuclearDisarmament #BanTheBomb #JoeBiden
15 minutes ago
@ybarrap Prince has been advocating for this for FOUR years. Another one that has the goods on Donald and Jared trying to get loan money out of Middle East countries so as a last ditch effort he gets his way.

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