CYMBIOTIKA Golden Mind Brain Memory Focus Supplement

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• BRAIN ENERGY SUPPLEMENT: Cymbiotika’s Golden Mind helps stimulate peak mental performance and can help protect against age-related cognitive decline. Our formula supports intestinal health and strengthens the gut-brain axis by enhancing communication between the gastrointestinal tract and the central nervous system.
• MEMORY FOCUS SUPPLEMENT FOR BRAIN: We use key ingredient lion’s mane mushroom extract in our brain enhancement supplement. Research shows lion’s mane mushroom may promote the growth of new neurons in the brain (neurogenesis). Neurogenesis can help preserve cognitive function leading to improved overall memory.
• COGNITIVE FUNCTION SUPPORT: Included in our formula are adaptogenic herbs like bacopa powder extract, sea buckthorn, and gotu kola all of which can boost brain health, performance, and memory.
• HOW TO ENJOY: Our brain support supplement comes in a delicious vanilla chai flavor that can be taken directly from the pouch or stirred into your favorite drink. It’s best to take it in the morning or before exercise, as this formula may increase energy levels. It can be taken with or without food. Store in a cool, dark place or refrigerate after opening. Do not freeze. Avoid oral contact with the pump dispenser to preserve freshness.
• NATURAL SUPPLEMENT: Cymbiotika strives to create ingredients you can trust. We combine scientific innovation with traditional Eastern medicine to design formulas that synergize with the body. Our memory health brain supplement utilizes the most advanced absorption technology and is vegan, gluten free, GMO-free, and made with ZERO chemicals, animal products, alcohols, additives, and preservatives.

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CYMBIOTIKA Golden Mind Brain Memory Focus Supplement for Adults, Liquid Nootropic Energy Supplements with, Gotu Kola, Brain Fog & Cognitive Function Support, Vanilla Chai Flavor, 5ml Pouches, 30 Pack

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CYMBIOTIKA Golden Mind Brain Memory Focus Supplement
CYMBIOTIKA Golden Mind Brain Memory Focus Supplement
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