Healths Harmony Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) 120 Count

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Healths Harmony

• Enjoy the vast benefits without the drink: You’d need to drink more than six cups of green tea per day to bring your body the same benefits found in just one capsule of green tea extract. With that much green tea in your system, you’d be dehydrated and jittery all day, prevent that by taking our Green Tea Extract which contains only 1/6th of a coffees caffeine.
• Pure green tea: We’ve taken the time and invested the money to bring you non-GMO ingredients in every capsule of this widely heralded natural supplement which supports general wellbeing, brain health, and joint health. Now you can experience the myriad benefits of green tea in its purist form.
• Powerful antioxidants: The EGCG found in green tea is responsible for the majority of its antioxidant properties, which stop unstable molecules called free radicals from damaging your cells. Our extract contains 45% EGCG, which means you’re getting 225mg in each capsule.
• Manufactured to exacting standards: Rather than go the cheap route and manufacture our supplements halfway around the world, we elect to make them in a cGMP certified facility right here in the USA from globally sourced ingredients. This way, you can be confident that only natural, high-quality ingredients will be used in each capsule with no fillers or junk substitutes.
• Ad to cart today: Try a full bottle of Healths Harmony Green Tea Extract, and start reaping the full benefits Green Tea can offer, without the caffeine overload; click Add to Cart Today!

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Green Tea 98% Extract with EGCG – 120 Capsules (Non-GMO) for Natural Metabolism Boost – Leaf Polyphenol Catechins – Antioxidant Supplement – 1000mg (500mg per Capsule)

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Healths Harmony Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) 120 Count
Healths Harmony Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) 120 Count
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