Kori Antarctic Krill Oil Omega-3 1200mg Max

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Kori Krill

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• THE OCEAN’S SUPERIOR OMEGA: Kori has essential Omega-3 nutrients our bodies need, plus more nutrients naturally for your best heart, brain, joint, eye, skin & immune health. Plus, krill oil is clinically proven to raise Omega-3 levels.
• MOST NATURAL OMEGA-3 FORM: Kori delivers Omega-3s in their most natural phospholipid and triglyceride form, just as you get in a healthy fish diet, for SUPERIOR ABSORPTION vs fish oils and NO FISHY AFTERTASTE. This is because our bodies’ cells already are made of phospholipids so they absorb and digest this form best. Surprisingly, fish oils have triglycerides but lose phospholipids during processing.
• NATURALLY WITH MORE NUTRIENTS: Beyond Omega-3 EPA & DHA nutrients, Kori is also naturally a good source of the ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT CHOLINE, found in foods such as eggs and broccoli, for brain and nervous system health. Kori also has the POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT ASTAXANTHIN.
• CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE: From the #1 global krill oil supplier that is the only global fishery to earn an ‘A’ rating, and for seven years running.
• HARNESSING KRILL’S NUTRTION: Krill are at the start of the marine food chain offering immense nutrition. Advanced harvesting operations help preserve our krill oil quality. So, Kori is made with non-GMO krill oil & no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, unlike many fish oils that require added preservatives or added flavors to hide fishy tastes.

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Kori Antarctic Krill Oil Omega-3 1200mg Max Strength 1 Softgel a Day for Heart Brain Joint Eye Skin & Immune – Superior Absorption vs. Fish Oil and No Fishy Burps

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Kori Antarctic Krill Oil Omega-3 1200mg Max
Kori Antarctic Krill Oil Omega-3 1200mg Max
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