LactoJoy Lactase Pills I Powerful Lactase Enzymes

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• EASILY DIGEST MILK PRODUCTS – LactoJoy’s active ingredient is lactase, which makes milk products easily digestible again. Lactase is an enzyme that breaks milk sugar (lactose) down and assists in the digestion of dairy products so that you can once again enjoy eating ice cream, milk and cheese.
• HIGH DOSE FORMULA – LactoJoy has a high dose of lactase enzyme, higher than other similar products available. This ensures that you can enjoy your food without having to worry about exactly how much lactose it contains. So, go ahead and indulge… (well, within reason).
• CONTAINS NO ADDITIVES – You’ll only find lactase enzymes and herbal supplements in every LactoJoy Lactase tablet. It is 100% Vegan and contains no artificial colour, flavour or sweetener, no preservatives, no sugar, no starch, no soy, no egg, no gluten, no wheat, no yeast, no fish and no sodium!
• FAST ACTING – LactoJoy can be taken immediately before you eat any meals and food products that may contain lactose. It works quickly to help your body digest dairy so you don’t have to deal with pain, cramping, bloating, and gas, giving you immediate relief or from lactose intolerance.
• SAMPLE PACK – You would like to test our product first? No problem with our trial pack! You will receive a total of 5 sample packs with 2 tablets each. Convince yourself of the unique effect!

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LactoJoy Lactase Pills I Powerful Lactase Enzymes for Lactose Intolerance I for Improved Digestion I No Silicon Dioxide, No Artificial Flavors I Vegan I Sample-Package of 5 Sachets à 2 Tablets

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LactoJoy Lactase Pills I Powerful Lactase Enzymes
LactoJoy Lactase Pills I Powerful Lactase Enzymes
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