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• THE NEXT GENERATION OF OMEGA-3 – Why choose between Krill Oil and Fish Oil when you can have the best of both! Krill Omega 50+ CoQ10 is fortified with PhosphoBoost Krill Oil + Ultra-Pure Fish Oil, delivering up to 6X the amount of DHA & EPA per serving than typical 300 mg Krill Oil formulas. Add to that heart healthy CoQ10 and essential Vitamin D for immune support, and you have a nutritional supplement unlike any other!
• SUPERCHARGED WITH PHOSPHOBOOST – PhosphoBoost Krill Oil is the next step in Omega-3 science, delivering a higher concentration of phospholipids for superior Omega-3 absorption, along with more choline for brain health support.

• THE ULTIMATE CARDIO ENERGIZER – Multiple studies have demonstrated the support for cardiovascular health provided by Omega-3, but we take heart health to the next level with the addition of 100 mg of CoQ10, the vitamin-like nutrient that is crucial for energy production inside your heart.
• BRAIN-BOOSTING BENEFITS – Krill Omega 50+ CoQ10 gives new meaning to the notion that fish is brain food by packing in 270 mg of DHA, shown by science to be essential for brain development, cognitive function, mood, and memory.
Plus, the generous choline content found in PhosphoBoost Krill Oil takes brain health support to the next level.
• POWERFUL JOINT SUPPORT – Maintain healthy, well-lubricated, flexible joints and promote normal joint structure and function with Krill Omega 50+ CoQ10.
It’s a difference you can feel!

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Purity Products – Krill Omega 50+ with CoQ10, 60 Dietary Supplement Softgels

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Purity Products – Krill Omega 50
Purity Products – Krill Omega 50
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