Sunfood Chlorella Tablets Chlorophyll Rich

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• 100% PURE CHLORELLA: Chlorophyll Rich Green Algae Superfood. Premium Quality. High in antioxidants, protein, vitamins & iron, these capsules can be used as an all natural clean supplement. Sunfood Chlorella tablets are an excellent source of immunity-supporting vitamin D.
• 250 MG CHLORELLA PER TABLET Our chlorella is gently dried into a powder after harvest, and then cold pressed into crunchy, chewable, easy to use tabs. Sunfood never uses any fillers, binders, additives or preservatives.
• CRACKED CELL WALL CHLORELLA : The cell walls are broken using a chemical-free pressure-and-release technique. This allows for the optimal absorption of chlorophyll and other powerful nutrients.
• COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Our Sunfood Super Algae is grown in Taiwan- outdoors in pure freshwater and natural sun light.
• SUGGESTED USE: Take 3-4 tablets 3 times per day. Take with water, blend into smoothies or eat out of the bag! Because chlorella is a 100% natural food, more can be taken than you would expect. It is not uncommon for people to take 20 tablets per day or more, but it is best to start with a few tablets and gradually build up. Tablets can be eaten with food or on an empty stomach.
• You may find yourself wanting to munch on them like nuts or seeds as they have a unique earthy, nutty flavor. You may even find yourself craving them. What that really means is that your body is craving the nutrients in chlorella.
• 4 OZ BAG (113 G). 452 Tablets per bag. 250 mg chlorella /tablet. SERVING SIZE: 12 tablets. SERVINGS PER CONTAINER: 37 Servings

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Sunfood Chlorella Tablets | Chlorophyll Rich | Broken Cell Wall | Blue Green Algae Superfood | Organic & Non GMO | Natural Vegan Protein | 100% Pure | 4 oz Bag| 450 Tablets per Bag| 250 mg Chlorella per Tablet

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Sunfood Chlorella Tablets Chlorophyll Rich
Sunfood Chlorella Tablets Chlorophyll Rich
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