TUDCA Liver Supplements 1100mg, Ultra Strength Bile

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• 1. Indispensable TUDCA Supplement: TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid) is a bile salt that is found naturally occurring in the body, its high water-solubility allows it to break down toxins and waste build up in the liver and kidney. However, natural TUDCA levels drop with age, poor diet, decreased liver & gallbladder function, or when taking certain medications. We can increase the levels of TUDCA in the body by taking TUDCA supplements.
• 2. Support Liver and Gut Health: Studies have shown that TUDCA can help your body improve the liver and gut. TUDCA is considered a liver support supplement that improved digestion and breakdown as well as proper nutrient absorption, reducing the burden on the liver and gut while improving overall body function. *
• 3. Sambugra Supplements to Meet Your Needs: TUDCA 1100mg per serving, 60 capsules, 30-day supply. This liver supplement works to protect your liver and support good bile flow so that your body can transport all the digestive fluids it needs.
• 4. Easy to Swallow: For the optimal results, this liver support is taken two capsules once daily. We have designed it in a small capsule size for better swallowing, making it as easy as drinking water.
• 5. Only One Key Ingredient: TUDCA is an all-natural dietary supplement that supports liver and gut health. Sambugra Liver support supplements are free of GMO/gluten/gelatin/binders/artificial flavors ingredients, 100% pure TUDCA. We are produced in the United States, after multiple tests and inspections, in order to bring you a better experience.

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TUDCA Liver Supplements 1100mg, Ultra Strength Bile Salt TUDCA Supplement, Liver Support for Liver Cleanse Detox and Repair, 60 Capsules

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TUDCA Liver Supplements 1100mg, Ultra Strength Bile
TUDCA Liver Supplements 1100mg, Ultra Strength Bile
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