U.S. Wellness Naturals Nettle 8 Ounce

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U.S. Wellness Naturals

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• ✅ Nettle Tea MILKY SMOOTH- This is a milky smooth WILD harvest of Nettle. Tastes mellow and soothing thanks to the high-altitude wilderness – a magical touch that nature gives to wild plants. This is UNIQUE and limited LOT- that we take great pride in sourcing.
• ✅ WILD NETTLE– These limited WILD harvests have unpredictable yield, and are also subject to inspections that are mandatory for issuance of protected geographical origin. Young Nettle plants are picked by hand by co-ops that bring back their pickings daily.
• ✅ GIFT FROM NATURE- Ibarska Slatina, a renowned destination for wild herbal plants co-op. Starting in early 70’s, this area of ex-Yugoslavia has had co-op networks of pickers that would climb mountains to roam pristine wilderness. These co-ops would bring their pickings back and entire amount would be bought off at the base of the mountain at guaranteed prices.
• ✅ SWISS STANDARD- All ground, processing, and operations are inspected by accredited Switzerland’s “Bio-Inspecta”, a USDA accredited company that transfers it’s certificates to our OEFFA NOP accredited agency in Ohio (Our Facility is Certified Operation: 1271) that can be referenced in public USDA integrity database online.
• ✅ ETHICAL PRODUCT – our products bring opportunity to younger generations in these areas. Areas of pristine wilderness yield wild herbs that local population collects. Individual co-op families have guaranteed market and strictly focus on what they do best – collecting amazing wild herbs.

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Nettle Tea – 8Oz (REAL WILD HARVEST) | 100% USDA Certified ORGANIC | Loose Leaf (Urtica Dioica aka Stinging Nettle) Cut & Sifted

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U.S. Wellness Naturals Nettle 8 Ounce
U.S. Wellness Naturals Nettle 8 Ounce
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