Wakacon Kava Lawena Powder – Authentic, Noble

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• Fijian Kava Lawena Powder: Enjoy the goodness of Kava Kava with our authentic blend of Kava Lawena Root powder obtained from the heart of the Fiji Islands. Also known as Piper Methysticum, the plant has been consumed for centuries across South Pacific regions Oceania and Micronesia for its sedating effects.
• Calming & Relaxing: Kava Root is consumed for its calming and relaxing effects due to its Kavalactones content. The Kava brew may help you feel happy alongside relaxing your muscles. It may also ease your stress and improve the quality of your sleep.
• Perfect daytime kava: Kava Lawena (obtained from crown root) is more mild and better tasting than its Waka counterpart, making it easier to drink. This kava is mellow and excellent for daytime consumption to clear your mind and relax. With every sip of the brew, you will feel like you are in the Pacific Islands, swayed by the soothing waves of the ocean.
• Responsibly Sourced: Our Kava Lawena powder is sourced responsibly from noble Fijian farmers following best practices. For every plant we harvest, five additional plants are planted. We do not use Kava leaves and stems for the preparation.
• Natural Roots of the Island: Strong kava smell lets you know its good. The smooth tasting noble kava makes it easy to drink. Mix all night long and enjoy the relaxation sensation.

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Wakacon Kava Lawena Powder – Authentic, Noble Kava Crown Root Powder from Fiji – Premium, Responsibly Sourced, 16 Oz

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Wakacon Kava Lawena Powder – Authentic, Noble
Wakacon Kava Lawena Powder – Authentic, Noble
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